WAS £6!

- Weekly pages

- Personal notes

- Team photo

-  2017 planner

- Player images throughout

- Notes

- 8cm x 15cm


- This books tells many stories- supplied by Norwich City Supporters.

- Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry, but all will give readers an insight into what it really means to be a fan of Norwich City Football Club.

- Looking at the images and reading the words will hopefully spark your own memories of a very special football club.


- Delia is Britain's most trusted food writer and her formidable track record of over 19 million books sold speaks for itself.

- How to Cheat at Cooking, created with her characteristic attention-to-detail, comprises over 150 easy-to-follow recipes all presented in a great contemporary design.

- Length: 28cms

- Width: 21cms


- A book full of different stories told by real Norwich City FC heroes.


-  Holds approximately 24 programmes

- Comes with wire holders


Norwich City Masterpieces is a comprehensive look at the career of fifty of Norwich City Football Clubs greatest post war players.

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