Donation Ts&C's

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation ("the Foundation") Terms and Conditions on the Acceptance of Donations

The Foundation's Goals

Through sport, to nurture and help children and adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to realise their potential.

The Foundation's Vision

"To help people achieve their goals by delivering quality, innovative services through football and sport."

The Foundation's Values

To deliver professional, quality, safe, affordable services to all users

Respect and listen to the views of children, young people, adults and our partners

Invest in and support staff to enable development and progression

Provide excellent communication and customer care

Provide opportunities that empower and engage all users

Factors for consideration in accepting donations

When considering whether to accept donations the Foundation will undertake due diligence and consider, amongst others, the following factors:

  • Values - whether the acceptance of the donation compromises the Foundation's Vision, Values, or goals
  • Compatibility - whether there is compatibility between the intent of the donor and the Foundation's use of the donation
  • Public Relations - whether acceptance of the donation could or will damage the reputation of the Foundation or could or would affect the Foundation's image of impartiality
  • Partner Relationships - whether acceptance of the donation will damage relationships with any of the Foundation's partner organisations or stakeholders
  • Primary Benefit - whether the primary benefit is to the Foundation versus the donor

Restrictions on donations

The Foundation will not accept donations that in the Foundation's opinion;

  • Would result in the Foundation violating its Vision
  • Would result in the Foundation losing its status as a registered charity
  • Are too difficult or too expensive to administer in relation to their value
  • Could or would result in any unacceptable consequences for the Foundation
  • Are for purposes outside of the Foundation's Vision

No donations will knowingly be accepted from any organisation involved in the following:

  • Production of tobacco
  • Manufacture or dealing of arms
  • Manufacture or promotion of alcohol
  • Promotion of gambling
  • Provision of pay-day loans
  • Exploitation of women or men (including pornography)
  • Human Rights abuses including any form of child abuse
  • Environmental degradation
  • Inappropriate promotion of breast milking substitutes

With reference to arms, tobacco, alcohol and exploitation of women, some companies may not be clearly identified with these activities. It is considered that it is only practical to consider the activities of the donating or sponsoring company itself, as it would be difficult to identify all companies which have subsidiary or parent's companies which fall into this category.

Process for acceptance of donations

All donations received by the Foundation must be fully and transparently recorded in the Foundation's accounts and annual reports and cannot be anonymous. Should an individual donor wish to remain anonymous, the name must be disclosed to the Foundation's Senior Leadership Team who may approve the donation.

In addition to the Factors set out above, the Foundation reserves the right to refuse any donor that they deem is in conflict with its guiding principles or on subjective grounds of nature, taste or positioning.

Decision making process

Donations from established and beneficial funding relationship or from non-controversial donors whose aims and values clearly align with those of the Foundation or who explicitly share the Vision and Values of the Foundation can be accepted without review.

Certain forms of donations will be subject to review prior to acceptance. These include:

  • From unknown or unfamiliar donors which the Foundation does not have an established funding relationship.
  • From institutional donors (including foundations, foreign government agencies, corporations, corporate foundations or for-profitentities) that might not implicitly or explicitly share the Values of the Foundation
  • That require legal counsel
  • That could lead to conflicts of interest
  • That include significant restrictions

Controversial donations will be considered by the Foundation's Fundraising staff who will then refer the decision to the Foundation's CEO. The Foundation's CEO will have the final decision following advice from the Foundation's board of trustees.

The Foundation will seek the advice of legal counsel in matters relating to acceptance of donations when deemed appropriate. Review by legal counsel is recommended for:

  • Securities that are subject to restrictions or buy-sell agreements
  • Documents naming the Foundation as trustee or requiring the Foundation to act in any fiduciary capacity
  • Requiring the Foundation to assume financial or other obligations
  • Transactions with potential conflicts of interest.
  • Property which may be subject to environmental or other regulatory restrictions

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